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    config troopincrement:[amount]


    config troopincrement:1
    config troopincrement:.01
    config troopincrement:500

    By default, the bot will queue troops in the order you specify from left to right, on each sequential 'troop' line. By setting this goal, you can tell the bot to instead queue a percentage or specific amount of each troop on the line. For example, if your goals contained:

    • troop w:100000,s:100000,p:100000,sw:100000,c:100000,t:3500,b:3200,a:300000

    The bot will first train 100k warriors, then 100k scouts, and so on without troopincrement set.

    If given the line above and using config troopincrement:0.01, then the bot will instead queue 1000 warriors (1% of 100000) and then queue 1000 scouts (1%), continuing down the line until it runs out of resources, population, open barracks, or troops to queue, and then restarting at the beginning of the line to rinse and repeat until the entire line goal has been met.

    For the percentage challenged, the bot will also accept whole numbers as the actual amount to queue, e.g., config troopincrement:500. In this case the bot will queue 500 warriors then 500 scouts then 500 pike, continuing down the line, and then restarting at the beginning of the line to repeat until the entire line goal has been met.

    Note that the bot does work left to right in the current troop line with both percentage and whole number increments. If the traininghero stops queueing due to moving, lack of resources, lack of population, etc., then it will restart back at the beginning of that line to queue the whole number or percentage specified again. This means that you may finish the first several troop types on a line before it ever gets to start on the next several of that same line if the bot uses up all its available resources/population before all the barracks are filled.

    If config troopincrement:1 is set, the bot will enter ratio-based troop building. What this means is the bot will produce different types of troops simultaneously while trying to maintain the troop ratio as specified in the troop goal. The bot will maintain a balance in total percentage completed of the entire goal for every troop. This means all troops must be at an equal percentage of total completion, or it will focus on the troop(s) that are below that average percentage.

    Example 1: Suppose you have 50k warriors and 50k archers, and the bot works on the following goal:

    • # note the goal specifies that you want to have 2.5 times more warriors than archers
      troop w:2.5m,a:1m

    The bot will first build warriors until you have 125k of them (i.e., 2.5 times more than the number of archers). Once you have 125k warriors (already available + queued), the bot will start producing both warriors and archers while trying to maintain the ratio between warriors and archers at 2.5:1. By the time you have 200k archers, you will also have 500k warriors. At 400k archers you will have 1m warriors, and so on.

    Example 2: Suppose you had multiple lines like that:

    • troop a:100000,s:100000,c:2000
      troop a:200000,s:200000,c:4000
      troop a:300000,s:200000,c:6000
      troop a:400000,s:300000,c:8000
      troop a:500000,s:400000,c:10000

    With ratio-based production mode enabled you can replace the above with just one line:

    • troop a:500000,s:400000,c:10000

    If you lose some troops, the bot will automatically rebuild the ones you lost first due to them falling below the the total % completed in ratio to the rest of the troops completed, then continue with building all listed types of troops.

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