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    valleyheroes hero-string


    valleyheroes AttackDude,ValleyGuy
    valleyheroes !trainingheroname,any:attack>60

    This directive will tell the bot which heroes it may or may not use to acquire flats for holding or npc building, as well as heroes for valley acquisition, hunting, valleyfarming, and safevalleyfarming.

    In the 1st example above, only the heroes named AttackDude and ValleyGuy would be allowed to perform any march against a valley or flat.

    In the 2nd example above, using advanced hero strings, any hero with 60+ attack other than the traininghero would be usable. I've found safevalleyfarm will often lose troops if a politics or intel hero with very low attack are sent. Since adding this to my goals, I have had no more losses on safevalleyfarming and much lower losses on everything else.

    See HeroString for details on how to set up the hero string for this goal.

    When running this command from the script window instead of as a goal, you can use the \reset switch to clear all valleyheroes in memory, either from scripts or goals. For example: valleyheroes /reset. Note that clearing via script will only last until the bot is restarted, unless the script is ran each restart, or the goals are cleared as well.

    CategoryAllGoals CategoryValleyGoals CategoryHeroGoals